Colombo-15th October, 2013

CICT was privileged and honored to have Ms. Yan Juanqi (vice-chairwoman, Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, Chairwoman of Democratic Progressive Party, and the President of Central Institute of Socialism) visit the CICT Terminal during Ms. Yan’s official visit to the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. Ms. Yan expressed her keen interest on the development strategy adopted and inquired about the progress of the construction of the Terminal.

Mr. Liu Yunshu (Chief Operation Officer of CMHI and CEO of CICT) explained the progress of CICT’s project strategy and other relevant details to Ms. Yan concerning CMHI’s overseas business expansion objectives.

Ms. Yan expressed her highest appreciation and admiration of CMG’s achievements and CICT’s rapid progress in achieving it set goals, and recognized the port project of CMHI as the reflecting images of China and state-owned key enterprises. Ms. Yan of the definite opinion that the stable and friendly bilateral relations between China and Sri Lanka would definitely ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

Quoting Ms. Yan “CICT shall respect the local customs and habits and maintain good relation with local authorities and people during its development. CICT shall attach great importance to the quality control and safety issues while showing Chinese speed in construction. Reformation is the driving source of sustained development, CMG and CICT can duplicate the experiences of Shanghai Yangshan Harbor and ZPMC, and have the courage to innovate and walk ahead. I hope CICT can strengthen the friendship between the people of both countries while operating port business.

Ms. Yan Juanqi was accompanied by a group of eminent guests that included high-ranking officials of China and His Excellency. Wu Jianghao, (Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka), during Ms. Yan’s visit to CICT.