Wista Sri Lanka organises port tour for employee families
8th February 2017

WISTA Sri Lanka beckoned the new year by organising a guided port tour for its members and their children. The aim of the port tour was to educate the future generation about port operations and to create awareness about the capabilities of the Port of Colombo (POC).

WISTA Sri Lanka President Shehara Jayawardena said WISTA Sri Lanka invested in the future generation, this is the first step of creating diversity in the Shipping and Logistics Industry, which is still a male dominated industry.” “I firmly believe that experiential learning is the most effective method to teach and inspire children. Forming lasting memories keep children engaged and is the channel to route talent to the industry In a challenging maritime landscape the Port of Colombo has yet again shown growth. This year POC grew by 10.6% and is poised to be among the highest ranking ports in terms of growth, this is indeed remarkable.”

The Inspired Children walked away with a Corporate Gift Bag with the compliments of SAGT; but most of all with a greater knowledge of Sri Lanka's valuable resource, its Ports and its significance to the Global Maritime Industry.

WISTA Sri Lanka expresses its gratitude to the Port of Colombo, for the contribution from all three terminals Jaya Container Terminal (JCT) South Asia Gateway Terminals (SAGT) and Colombo International Container Terminal (CICT), the main sponsor of the port tour.

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