Online Deposit Facility

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#Online Cash deposit facility for CICT Customers
1).Consignees can log in to CICT website at any given time and check the amount of rent to be paid on particular Import and can pay this amount directly to one of our three Banks namely HSBC , SCB (Standard Chartered Bank) and Sampath Bank.
2).Consignees can deposit cash (not cheques) or as a direct transfer using Common Electronic Fund Transfer Switch (CEFTS). At the time of transferring funds to the bank, please ensure to key-in the SYSTEM GENERATED REFERENCE NUMBER as this is the key reference for your payment.
3).After making the deposit consignee can come to “Doc Center” to get the gate pass and the receipt to collect the goods.
4).Going forward you can visit any branch of HSBC,SCB and HNB to deposit cash directly to CICT account mentioned below through cash deposit counters and Please refrain from using ENVELOP in cash deposit in ATM machines. Use only ATM machines can accept direct cash.
5).When depositing cash to CICT account you need to mention the following details in the cash deposit slip and same will be captured in the deposit slip which will be given by the bank in return to you. This facility will help you (CICT customers) to minimize risk of caring cash.
6).For your convenience we have arranged following dedicated Bank Accounts of Colombo International Container Terminals Ltd to do the Cash deposits / Fund transfers.
#BankBranchAccount No.
1).Sampath BankHead Office100914024909
1).Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking CorporationHead Office012-169249-001
2).Standard Chartered BankHead Office18-3847446-01
#Following details should be provided by the consignees (mention the following details in the cash deposit slip) branch when making the cash deposits.
1).CICT Account Number
2).Consignee Name
5).CUSDEC Number
6).Container Number (4 container numbers only). If a consignee is paying for more than 4 containers then CICT consignees need to raise more than one deposit slip to split the total payment due in to the required number of deposit slips when depositing cash.