The Deepwater Terminal

CICT is the first and only Deepwater terminal in South Asia capable of handling the largest vessels afloat.CICT is the first and only

Global Port Network

CICT is the first Greenfield project of China Merchant Port Holdings. CMPH is currently one of the largest Port Operators in the world with a vast network across the globe, giving CICT to limitless access to a strong global footprint.

Green Container Terminal

At CICT, we are committed to carrying out our operation in a responsible manner which protects the environment. This is a commitment shared very passionately by the entire team at CICT. One of the key project completed recently was the conversion of all RTG’s to electric. This resulted in an overall 40% reduction in carbon emissions at CICT.

2-Lane Access Channel

Terminal's deepwater capacity, enables the facility to handle vessels with more than 22,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) capacity..

Strategic Geographic Location

CICT is strategically located in the center of the East/West shipping route. We are perfectly positioned to act as a gateway to global trade giving our customers the most efficient connections.CICT is the first and only

Reliable, Fast & Efficient Service

With a highly motivated and talented team, CICT provide our customers with the most efficient and reliable service standards. We understand the value of time and the need to constantly improve and push our standards further. That’s why we consider our customers as our partners and we work together to keep pushing the boundaries of efficiency.

  • ETB - 16/16:02
    Vessel Name - COSCO THAILAND
  • ETB - 17/02:02
    Vessel Name - EVER GIVEN
  • ETB - 17/07:02
    Vessel Name - MATZ MAERSK
  • ETB - 17/12:02
    Vessel Name - SOFIA I
  • ETB - 17/19:00
    Vessel Name - MSC ANAHITA
  • ETB - 18/00:02
    Vessel Name - SM KAVERI
  • ETB - 19/00:02
    Vessel Name - EVER GOVERN
  • ETB - 19/07:02
    Vessel Name - YM WELLSPRING
  • ETB - 20/00:00
    Vessel Name - IRENES RAY
  • ETB - 20/06:02
    Vessel Name - HR FARHA
  • ETB - 20/22:00
    Vessel Name - SC MONTREUX
  • ETB - 21/01:00
    Vessel Name - HERMANN SCHEPERS
  • ETB - 22/01:00
    Vessel Name - BALTIC SOUTH
  • ETB - 22/01:02
    Vessel Name - MSC EMILY II
  • ETB - 22/01:02
    Vessel Name - MSC ALDI III
  • ETB - 22/09:02
    Vessel Name - HR AARAI
  • ETB - 22/12:02
    Vessel Name - MSC JANIS 3
  • ETB - 23/01:00
    Vessel Name - MSC TRADER II
  • ETB - 23/02:02
    Vessel Name - MSC REGULUS
  • ETB - 23/07:02
    Vessel Name - WIDE HOTEL

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