Bearthing Schedule

  • ETB - SEP/26/01:00
    Vessel Name - X-PRESS ODYSSEY
  • ETB - SEP/26/01:00
    Vessel Name - MSC ELSA 3
  • ETB - SEP/26/01:00
    Vessel Name - ATHENIAN
  • ETB - SEP/26/01:00
    Vessel Name - GUNVOR MAERSK
  • ETB - SEP/26/04:02
    Vessel Name - ONE MACKINAC
  • ETB - SEP/26/11:15
    Vessel Name - YM EXCELLENCE
  • ETB - SEP/26/18:02
    Vessel Name - COSCO THAILAND
  • ETB - SEP/27/01:00
    Vessel Name - MSC MAKOTO II
  • ETB - SEP/27/01:02
    Vessel Name - CONTI CONQUEST
  • ETB - SEP/27/10:00
    Vessel Name - EUGEN MAERSK
  • ETB - SEP/27/15:02
    Vessel Name - EVER GIVEN
  • ETB - SEP/27/22:00
    Vessel Name - ORNELLA
  • ETB - SEP/28/01:00
    Vessel Name - CMA CGM JULES VERNE
  • ETB - SEP/28/01:00
    Vessel Name - OOCL HAMBURG
  • ETB - SEP/28/01:00
    Vessel Name - HR AARAI
  • ETB - SEP/28/01:02
    Vessel Name - SEATTLE BRIDGE
  • ETB - SEP/28/19:30
    Vessel Name - EM ASTORIA
  • ETB - SEP/29/01:00
    Vessel Name - FSL KELANG
  • ETB - SEP/29/01:00
    Vessel Name - MSC RICCARDA II
  • ETB - SEP/29/01:00
    Vessel Name - WAN HAI 502
  • ETB - SEP/30/01:00
    Vessel Name - GREEN EARTH
  • ETB - SEP/30/01:00
    Vessel Name - MSC TIA II
  • ETB - SEP/30/07:00
    Vessel Name - CMA CGM LOUVRE
  • ETB - SEP/30/13:00
    Vessel Name - W KITHIRA
  • ETB - SEP/30/15:00
  • ETB - OCT/01/01:00
    Vessel Name - ONE GRUS
  • ETB - OCT/01/01:00
    Vessel Name - MSC SPRING III
  • ETB - OCT/02/01:00
    Vessel Name - APL VANCOUVER
  • ETB - OCT/02/01:00
    Vessel Name - MSC IRENE
  • ETB - OCT/02/01:00
    Vessel Name - MSC POLO II
  • ETB - OCT/02/01:00
    Vessel Name - YM WISH

CICT named Best Container Terminal of its capacity in Asia for 6th successive year

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    CICT named Best Container Terminal of its capacity in Asia for 6th successive year

    Colombo International Container Terminals (CICT) has been crowned the Best Container Terminal in Asia in the Under 4 million TEUs category for the sixth consecutive year, in just seven full years since it commenced full operations in mid-2014.

    The announcement of CICT’s prestigious win on a global platform was made on 7th September at the 2022 Asian Freight, Logistics and Supply Chain (AFLAS) annual awards gala hosted at the JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong by Asia Cargo News.

    CICT, which is managed by China Merchants Port Holdings (CMPort), beat three other shortlisted finalists in its category – DaChan Bay Terminals and Fuzhou International Container Terminal of China and the Manila International Container Terminal in the Philippines – to win the AFLAS award that recognises the top global players in the cargo, logistics and supply chain sectors.

    Commenting on this noteworthy achievement, CICT CEO Mr. Jack Huang said: “CICT has been consistently increasing its throughput and continuously optimising operation processes to enhance efficiency amidst the global challenges to the shipping industry. These include soaring operating costs, global port congestions, obstacles due to COVID-19 and the precarious local economic climate. We are most delighted to win this award once again as it reaffirms to our customers, stakeholders and the country that CICT is continuing to exceed expectations and is contributing most significantly to the image and the growth of the Port of Colombo. This award is a tribute to all the hard work and commitment of employees at every level at CICT.”

    The AFLAS winners are decided by going through a three-step process, considering the global industry opinions, through nomination criteria and technical evaluation by Asia Cargo News. The shortlist of finalists is sent out to more than 15,000 readers to vote.

    Nominees for the AFLAS awards are judged on adherence to criteria standards encompassing higher operational productivity, efficient turnaround of trucks delivering and picking up containers; provision of suitable container shipping-related infrastructure; cost competitiveness, customer service level and customer satisfaction; timely and adequate investment in new facilities to meet future demand; innovative operating environment, facilitation of ancillary services and ease of doing business activities; and effective and easy-to-use IT systems.

    The AFLAS Awards are designed to honour leading service providers including air and shipping lines; airports and seaports; and logistics, 3PLs and other associated industry professionals for demonstrating leadership as well as consistency in service quality, innovation, customer-relationship management and reliability.

    CICT manages the South Terminal of the Port of Colombo, the first and only operating deep-water terminal in South Asia, which is equipped with facilities to handle the largest vessels afloat. Since its inception in 2014, the terminal has incrementally grown the volume it has handled; from 686,639 teus in 2014, to just over 3.2 million teus in 2021.

    CICT is the flagship overseas terminal of China Merchants Port Holdings Company Limited (CMPort). CMPort is the largest and a globally-competitive public port developer, investor and operator in China with investments in Mainland China, Hong Kong and overseas. CMPort has a port network portfolio spanning 50 ports in 26 countries and regions. Guided by the vision "To be a world class comprehensive port service provider” and supported by its domestic, overseas and innovation strategies, CMPort strives to strengthen its core competencies in global throughput, port service and management.