Bearthing Schedule

  • ETB - JUN/15/01:00
    Vessel Name - MSC MARGRIT
  • ETB - JUN/15/05:00
    Vessel Name - MONACO
  • ETB - JUN/15/06:00
    Vessel Name - A.P. MOLLER
  • ETB - JUN/15/08:00
    Vessel Name - MSC RAFAELA
  • ETB - JUN/15/18:00
    Vessel Name - CMA CGM J. ADAMS
  • ETB - JUN/16/01:00
    Vessel Name - SAFEEN PRISM
  • ETB - JUN/16/02:00
    Vessel Name - ONE EAGLE
  • ETB - JUN/16/02:00
    Vessel Name - MSC SOLA
  • ETB - JUN/16/10:00
    Vessel Name - MSC SURABAYA VIII
  • ETB - JUN/16/16:00
    Vessel Name - MSC GREENWICH
  • ETB - JUN/16/16:00
    Vessel Name - MSC MANASA F
  • ETB - JUN/16/17:00
    Vessel Name - MSC HINA
  • ETB - JUN/16/19:32
    Vessel Name - ONE APUS
  • ETB - JUN/17/01:00
    Vessel Name - NORTHERN JUBILEE
  • ETB - JUN/17/01:00
  • ETB - JUN/17/03:00
    Vessel Name - NORFOLK EXPRESS
  • ETB - JUN/17/04:00
    Vessel Name - APL COLUMBUS
  • ETB - JUN/17/04:00
    Vessel Name - MSC HINA
  • ETB - JUN/17/05:04
    Vessel Name - MSC QINGDAO F
  • ETB - JUN/17/07:00
    Vessel Name - COSCO NEW YORK
  • ETB - JUN/17/22:00
    Vessel Name - ONE COMMITMENT
  • ETB - JUN/18/01:00
    Vessel Name - MSC MAKOTO II
  • ETB - JUN/18/04:02
    Vessel Name - MAERSK SINGAPORE
  • ETB - JUN/18/10:02
    Vessel Name - MSC VENICE
  • ETB - JUN/19/00:02
    Vessel Name - EVER GREET
  • ETB - JUN/19/01:00
    Vessel Name - MSC POLO II
  • ETB - JUN/19/01:02
    Vessel Name - MSC HINA
  • ETB - JUN/19/08:02
    Vessel Name - MSC RANIA
  • ETB - JUN/19/13:02
    Vessel Name - MSC AVNI
  • ETB - JUN/19/15:00
    Vessel Name - EVER ACT
  • ETB - JUN/19/16:00
    Vessel Name - HR SAHARE
  • ETB - JUN/19/18:00
    Vessel Name - COSCO AMERICA
  • ETB - JUN/19/19:00
    Vessel Name - ITAL UNICA
  • ETB - JUN/20/01:00
    Vessel Name - WAN HAI 621
  • ETB - JUN/20/01:00
    Vessel Name - MSC HINA
  • ETB - JUN/20/10:02
    Vessel Name - XIN BEIJING
  • ETB - JUN/20/14:02
    Vessel Name - VANCOUVER
  • ETB - JUN/21/01:00
    Vessel Name - ANBIEN BAY
  • ETB - JUN/21/01:00
    Vessel Name - WAN HAI 521
  • ETB - JUN/21/07:02
    Vessel Name - MSC MILA 3
  • ETB - JUN/21/08:32
    Vessel Name - TS DALIAN
  • ETB - JUN/21/20:02
    Vessel Name - X-PRESS ODYSSEY

About Us


Colombo International Container Terminals Ltd., (CICT) is a joint venture Company between China Merchants Port Holdings Company Limited. A listed blue chip company in the Hong Kong stock exchange and the Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA). Under a 35 year Build Operate and Transfer Agreement with SLPA, Colombo’s third container terminal with a 3 million teus capacity was constructed in the Port of Colombo, Sri Lanka, under the Colombo South Harbour expansion project. CMPH holds 85% of the partnership whilst the balance 15% is being held by SLPA.

CICT is strategically located at the center of the main East/West shipping route providing ideal connection to the global trade. Equipped with a highly motivated skilled staff committed to setting benchmark standards in productivity / efficiency and service, CICT strives to ensure the highest standards are maintained with consistancy. We ensure ease of doing business for our partners.



 To be "SIMPLY" the best Deep Water Terminal in South Asia.  


 We will achieve our vision through our highly skilled and committed workforce in a motivational atmosphere that drives initiative, innovation and respect for the environment, backed by state-of-the-art facilities to deliver sustainable superior value to all our stakeholders.  

Why Choose CICT?

The Deepwater Terminal of Choice

Berth Length - 1200 M

CICT is the first and only Deepwater terminal in South Asia capable of handling the largest vessels afloat. Terminal's deepwater capacity, enables the facility to handle vessels more than 22,000 twenty-ft equivalent units capacity

Strategic Location

CICT is strategically located in the center of the East/West shipping route. We are perfectly positioned to act as a gateway to global trade giving our customers the most efficient connections

Global Port Network

CICT is the first Greenfield project of China Merchant Port Holdings. CMPH is currently one of the largest Port Operators in the world with a vast network across the globe, giving CICT to limitless access to a strong global footprint

Green Container Terminal

At CICT, we are committed to carrying out our operation in a responsible manner which protects the environment. This is a commitment shared very passionately by the entire team at CICT. One of the key project completed recently was the conversion of all RTG’s to electric

Depth at Berth

CICT is the first and only Deepwater terminal in South Asia capable of handling the largest vessels afloat.

QGC Twin Lift

QGC 2-72M and 12-70M outreach, enables of handling larger vessels more than 20,000+ TEUs.

24 x 365 Days Operation

CICT operates 24x7 with seamless shift changeovers and is operated by a highly skilled and motivated team.

2-Lane Access Channel

Terminal’s deepwater capacity, enables the facility to handle vessels with more than 22,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) capacity.